Friday, July 26, 2013

Custom Phone Covers with Wrappz

I recently broke my R10 iPhone cover that I purchased from Focal Price. I raved about their gadgets a while ago and whilst I firmly believe that they offer quality products for minimal prices, I knew it was time to step away from China Town goodies and splurge on something better. So I went on a mission to find awesome iPhone covers for a reasonable price and whilst browsing through the interwebs, clicking on one link to the next, I discovered Wrappz.

Wrappz allows you to custom design hard cases and skins for phones, tablets, Kindles, laptops, iPods and gaming consoles. I know you are probably thinking that a custom phone cover = cheese fest. But it certainly does not. You can custom design your phone covers with anything you like. Users can choose from 1000's of preloaded images from Wrappz or upload your own. The creation tool is so easy and uses drag and drop functionality.

The cost of the cover is relatively affordable considering how expensive normal covers are. I opted for the hard cover case which is exceptionally good quality. The covers are coated in a protective layer which will also ensure the images do not scratch. 

If you are interested in jazzing up your device then head over to and enter the promotional code GGD13 for a R15 discount (I know its not much but 15 bucks could get you some chips and coke right? or in our office 2 microwavable popcorn bags)

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