Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to throw a geeky birthday party

I recently planned a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend Jacques. We both are complete geeks and I knew that a geeky birthday party was definitely on the cards. Apart from the usual party stuff such as snacks, food and drinks I went above and beyond to make this party extra geeky.

I ordered him a geeky cake from Chef Sam. She wowed us with a Commodore VIC 20 cake with Pacman decoration and a Rubicks cube cake topper. The cake was breathtaking and the attention to detail simply astounded me. 
I also order periodic table biscuits from Chef Sam. The biscuits looked simply amazing and tasted just as amazing too.

This geeky birthday party had very geeky decorations too. There were Angry Bird DIY balloons floating around which I created myself from Angry Bird template cut outs. It was simple to stick on to helium balloons and looked like the real deal.

A geeky birthday party needed a geeky birthday banner as no ordinary banner was going to do. I wanted an iPhone banner that said “Happy Birthday Jacques,” as I knew this would look amazing. Luckily for me, I found a “Happy Birthday” iPhone banner template online and simply had to make the “Jacques” part.

The food needed little notes indicating which foods were what. So I used geeky images to describe this which I printed out and fixated onto skewers using tape. Robot chicken to indicate chicken, computer chips to indicate potato chips and Star Wars “Force” images to indicate the cutting of the cake were just some of the ideas I came up with.

There were also Dilbert cartoons placed around the house for guests to read in-between eating and mingling. Dilbert is one of Jacques favourite comic strips to read. I knew once this geeky party had come to an end that it would be a disappointment, similar to the disappointment of a game being over. So, I came up with the idea of creating a “Game Over” poster that was placed at the exit. This definitely “geeked” up the ending of the party.

The party was and overall success and Jacques loved his geek birthday party idea!!!

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