Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GetGlue - Social Entertainment Network

If you have not heard of GetGlue then what type of geek are you? This new social network is similar to Foursquare but isn't about where you are but rather about what you are doing and what you like. Although the company launched in 2008, South African users are only recently becoming adopters of it.

GetGlue has over 2million users and may not be the fastest growing network, it is definitely receiving attention from many. A few months ago GetGlue raised around $12 million in new financing which was led by Rho Ventures.

So how does it work? 

This growing social network is created around your likes e.g movies, series, music, books, interests etc. You simply check in and tell your friends what you are doing e.g "I am watching Fringe." Friends and other GetGlue users can participate in a discussion around a particular movie or book as well as review it.

Social Networks need to keep their users and this is usually done by gamification. GetGlue features a leaderboard and unlike becoming a mayor on Foursquare, you collect stickers for various check in's. When you collect 20 stickers and Get Glue will post them to you for free.

GetGlue is available for use online and on mobile. Creating mobile Apps enhanced their users experiences and allowed them to always be able to check in regardless of where they were. Companies such as Fox, HBO and NBC are now using the GetGlue API to integrate the users activities on their websites and Apps. These companies offer hundreds of different stickers ranging from users checking into certain TV shows to becoming fans of things. Certain companies also offer discounts on items if you check into their TV shows. For example if you check into a certain HBO movie then you might qualify for a discount of their merchandise or something similar.

GetGlue may not be the next Facebook but it is definitely growing. Users enjoy feeling a part of something bigger as well as connecting with others on similar topics. Being able to communicate with other series fans 1000 miles away is pretty awesome I think. That's one of the reasons I enjoy using GetGlue and the stickers that is.

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