Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FocalPrice - amazing gadgets and free shipping

I recently stumbled across FocalPrice, an online Chinese store which sells gadgets, accessories, home ware items and everything else you can think of for ridiculously low prices. When I initially saw the prices I thought that there had to be some catch and that shipping would be very pricy. However shipping worldwide is free and it's 100% legit as you pay with PayPal.

They have a range of products and you can literally choose from thousands of iPhone covers. I didn't get too carried away and only placed an order for iPad and iPhone accessories. Because stock was low on a few items, FocalPrice decided they would ship whatever they had and the rest later, with shipping still being free. Their customer services was amazing and I always received a reply instantly with their live chat functionality.

This morning I collected my goodies and I couldn't be more thrilled.

 iPad 2 Minnie Mouse Leather Cover - $16.65

 Nerd Love Open-face Case for iPhone 4s - $5.44
Multi-function Birdcage Matte Case for iPhone 4S - $7.15

2 in 1 Stylus Touch Ballpoint Pen for iPhone and iPad2 - $2.18

Open Face Case for iPhone 4S - $1.64

Genuine Apple Earbud Earphones - $5.29

..... and I am still waiting for more things :)

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