Friday, January 13, 2012

Save our Rhino's #GiveItHorns

The number of rhino killings in the past few months have increased substantially in South Africa. Rhinos are being slaughtered in a barbaric manner for their horns which are being used in traditional medicine markets in countries like China and Vietnam, where rhino horn is prescribed for nearly everything. Scientists, however, have proved that the horns only use is to its owner and has no medicinal effect.

The anti rhino poaching campaign began by many members of the public and not so many members of our government. I heard something very interesting on 5fm two days ago. Why isn't our government doing more? A simple thing to do would be to buy airtime on international TV stations with adverts about the untruth behind the rhino horn and its "medicinal purposes, or about how serious this matter is.

A few days ago, a video surfaced on YouTube. The video was created by a South African now living in London who decided it was time someone took some drastic action. The video titled "I have something to tell you" has received 217,343 hits in 7 days. Lets make the world aware about what is going on and share this video. Create a stir on Twitter by using #GiveItHorns.

[Video] I have something to tell you...

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