Monday, December 5, 2011

RubyBox - A failed first impression

A while ago I subscribed to GlamBox for 3 months and shared my thoughts about the boxes and the goodies inside. I felt the last GlamBox to be a disappointment so I decided to check out the competitor, RubyBox. With much anticipation my December RubyBox arrived this morning.
Firstly, the RubyBox packaging is not as glamorous as the GlamBox so my excitment was slightly killed when I began unwrapping it as it didn't provide me with that sense of "fabulousity" like the GlamBox did. Nevertheless, you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover right? So I decided to open it up and check out the amazing goodies that awaited me.

My bestie Ellie sitting across me, with disappointment on her face, received different stuff to me, neither of which she really liked or was excited for. When I saw the contents of her box, I was a bit uncomfortable opening mine (especially when the amazing GHD product bragged about on the RubyBox website wasn't there).

Inside my box was:
- Which was broken to pieces. I can understand that glass is fragile and the fault does not completely lie with RubyBox. But out of everything, this was something that was sort of cool and useful but is now lying in my bin.

- Its cool but unfortunately not as exciting because of the over abundance of these perfume samples in magazines.

- This is something I will never use. I have dark skin and although this is also a sunscreen which can be used daily the fact that it says "tan intensifier" has put me off it.

- Charlotte Rhys has amazing products and this was a cool sample to get. 

I was really hoping that RubyBox would make an amazing first impression seeing that its the Festive Season. I have had a sneak peak at the GlamBox this month and I promise you its amazing. I am not the first to admit when I am wrong, but I am definitely sticking to GlamBox moving forward.


  1. Have to agree with you. First impression was a very very bad one! Felt robbed ;-(
    The GlamBox was awesome though so thankfully don't feel robbed again by them.

  2. Love it! Erm... I mean, I love the candid review. My hubby had a long chat to one of the GlamBox reps on Saturday about their business model. She still refused to give him free Toblerone from her exhibition though :P

  3. I was very disappointed with my first rubybox last month too, and decided to give them one more chance. If I'm not mistaken there was a soy candle in one of the previous GlamBoxes, and I didn't see anyone complaining that it broke, so maybe this could've been prevented if it were packaged/handled better?

    Waiting for my boxes to do a second review.

  4. The Soy Candle that was given in the GlamBox was a tea light. This one was in a glass. There was bubble wrap around it but it was not sealed with anything and merely just wrapped around the glass. I have seen someone else complain about the broken candle on their Facebook Page.

    I think there will be more companies with this model arising soon. Hopefully we will soon have a variety of options to choose from and not be limited to only these two.

    GlamBox is definitely the better of the two.