Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Groupon misleads customers with false advertising

I have to admit that I am a group buying sucker. I love spending absurd amount of time (and money) on every group buying site there is. Everyone appreciates a good deal but no one appreciates being manipulated into buying something.

I recently purchased a voucher from Groupon SA for a dinner and burlesque show which the value was advertised at R250 per person. Having never been to Mr Pickwicks, I assumed that this voucher was well worth it.

Our voucher entitled us to a
glass of red or white wine (which we all substituted for water), a choice between a chicken or vegetable pasta and chocolate cake for desert. 

What angered me was when I had a look at the menu. The most expensive glass of wine is R32, the pasta is R40 and the desert was R32. That's R104 for the food, which means that logically as per Groupon's advertisement the Burlesque show should be valued at R146.

This, however, is not the case as the Burlesque show is only R35Which means the total value for this voucher is approximately R139 and NOT R250Although I paid R99.50 per person and saved R39.50 this voucher was definitely not valued at R500. The menu actually had a 3 course meal option for R55 per person. This would have been cheaper than buying the Groupon SA voucher! 

Group Buying sites such as Groupon SA promise to provide decent discounts. By false advertising and misleading their loyal customers, Groupon SA is not going to be my first choice for deals much longer.

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