Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Banitsa - A Bulgarian Cuisine

Having an original Bulgarian in our offices definitely has it's benefits around the festive season. We get to learn about different traditions and also try out yummy cuisines. Elena brought me something absolutely amazing yesterday; BanitsaBanitsa is traditional Bulgarian cuisine made from filo pastry, eggs and cheese...can you say yummy?! 

Traditionally, Bulgarians prepare and serve banitsa on two holidays – Christmas and New Year's Eve. On these days, people lucky charms into the banitsa. The lucky charms are usually small pieces of dogwood branch.They symbolize health and longevity. A wish is associated with each branch and the different number of buds on the branch helps to recognize the corresponding wish. The wishes include happiness, health, success, travel, etc. The banitsa is then spun on the table and everyone takes the piece which is in front of them when the spinning stops. Then they find their fortune inside the piece – the fortunes predict what one is to expect from the new year"

Why not attempt to add some Bulgarian to your kitchen this Christmas by making some banitsa, try out this recipe and let me know how it goes.

*Source: Wikipedia

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