Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pamper day at the Lanzerac Hotel and Spa

A few weeks ago I was treated to a pamper day with my bestie, Elena, at the Lanzerac Hotel and Spa in Stellenbosch. Being the group buying suckers that we are, we had found an amazing deal for a Dr Fish treatment and a TheraVine facial all for R199 at the Simply Spa. We decided to make an entire day out of it and indulge in all the relaxing facilities this prestigious spa had to offer.

We began our day by having an early lunch in the shaded terrace that was surrounded by majestic oak trees. Dining in such pristine conditions made us both feel like royalty. The menu featured amazing dishes and was not badly priced either.

Fish with mash and seasonable vegetables
Chicken and Prawn Thai Curry with Jasmine Rice
After our scrumptious lunch, the real fun began. We were welcomed at the Spa with a warm salt foot soak as this helps removes any chemicals from creams that may kill or danger the fish. The first treatment was the Dr Fish. I wasn't too keen on this as I had experienced this in Thailand and lets just say it was not a pleasant sight. Nevertheless I decided to bite my tongue and let these little fish nibble away all the dead skin from my feet. The feeling is slightly ticklish but the results are worth it. If you can handle someone massaging your feet then you will be able to handle the Dr Fish.
We were then whisked away to our therapy rooms where we received an amazing facial. The TheraVine products are made from natural plant extracts from the vineyards and smelt amazing. Both our therapists were incredibly gentle and made sure we enjoyed our soothing experiences. An amazing thing at the Lanzerac is that you can use all their facilities. 
So, we both took this opportunity to laze around and simply relax whilst being surrounded by magnificent mountains and vineyardsWe started off by taking a dip into the heated indoor pool and then made our way to the Jacuzzi. After a bit of giggles and gossip we meandered to the steam room and sauna where we sat back and closed our eyes whilst feeling the intense warmth against our cool skin. 

A little while later we stepped into the showers and then slipped into our warm robes afterwards. Both Elena and I knew that the day could not end so soon, so we made our way to the beds where we relaxed with our iced water and juices whilst staring at the amazing view. After a good few hours our day had come to an end. I have never felt like such royalty before. The spa at the Lanzerac is an amazing place for a woman to feel pampered and relaxed! I highly recommend visitng the spa in the morning so you can make full use of their facilities during the day. Don't forget to take someone along with you, because feeling like a princess with no one to share it with is no fun at all.

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