Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am curvy and proud just like Tara Lynn

I have never been thin, petite, tiny or whatever word society has used to define beautiful. I have always been the opposite actually; voluptuous, curvy and a bit flabby. Thousands of models featured in magazines are so thin that you actually begin to feel sorry for them. How many of us have said, "she looks like she will break if someone touches her"?

Then once in a while a magazine comes out with an edition that says "curves are beautiful" or "we love big butts". The models they use for these editions are no larger than a Size 12. Seriously? Is that what "Plus Size" women are conceived as? If being Size 12 means you are "Plus Size" then hunny I am gigantic. Would I prefer to be a bit thinner...maybe. Does being thinner mean I would become more beautiful, smarter and intelligent...HELL NO!!

I came across some of the most beautiful model recently. This is what the average women looks like and definitely not like those sickly looking models in those fashion magazines!!
Tara Lynn featured on the cover for Elle France

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