Thursday, November 24, 2011

Barbett Cortrelli : A fashion label to watch out for!

Two South African sisters, Aadilah and Raeesah Haffegee have transformed their passion for fashion into their daytime jobs. They co-founded fashion label Barbett Cortrelli. Taken from the surnames of their great grandparents Barbett Cortrelli is a fusion between French (Barbett) and Italian (Cortrelli) ancestry. They have said, “We felt it was important to show a reflection of our cosmopolitan background, this has the same concept in fashion. You have to know where you coming from, to know where you going to.

Raeesah began her fashion career studying fashion design. Her creative and innovative flair for mixing and matching unique items made her stand out in her chosen field of study. Aadilah on the other hand was always relatively fashion consious but decided that a more "steady" career was what she wanted. She explored multiple options such as Psychology, Branding and Teaching but always felt as if something was missing. She later found that "something" when she embraced the fashion industry by co-founding Barbett Cortrelli with her sister.

Their label began in a small town on the South Coast where they bravely opened their first boutique. The brand later moved to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.
Aadilahs restlessness made her realise that owning a boutique was not the only thing Barbett Cortrelli was all about. She started showcasing the label at various fashion shows and gave the audience the option to purchase the items right there and then!
Their clothing is definitely worth bragging about. They differentiate their clothing as vintage but with a modern element which makes their clothing perfect for anyone. The Barbett Cortrelli accessories perfectly compliment their clothing as well. Keep your eye out for this fashion label and remember where you heard about it first...

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