Monday, October 3, 2011

Symphonic Rockstars in Cape Town

The second Symphonic Rocks kicked off in Cape Town this past weekend. When I was approached by friends to attend I wasn't too fussed or thrilled about it for I embarrassingly enough wasn't a big fan of local music. A few days before the event I checked out the line up and saw big names such as: 

  • ARNO CARSTENS - I knew him. I have heard some of his songs and pretty much liked them all.
  • ARD MATTHEWS - I heard of Just Ginger before but never knew the name of the band members. But I knew this name quiet well after the media tore him apart for his National Anthem blunder  Which I think was an honest mistake and doesn't make him any less South African than you or I. So he forgot a few words....big deal! Anyway, before he could perform he asked the crowd, "have you guys forgiven me yet?" I thought that was pretty sweet :)
  • ZEBRA & GIRAFFE - Who hasn't heard of them?! This band is amazing. Their music is of international calibre and absolutely astounding. It was awesome seeing them perform. Big fan of their music and their Ace Ventura hairstyles.
  • LOYISO - I was utterly confused as to why he was in the line up. I assumed the word "Rocks" meant that only rock artists would be performing. No disrespect to Mr Bala, he is a great performer, but it makes me wonder if there had to be an inclusion of all races at this event? We all know which race dominates the rock scene! (and I am so totally cool with that. Except Eminem, we all know which race dominates Rap.)
  • FLAT STANLEY - Heard this name quite a few times, never heard much of their music before.
  • TUMI & THE VOLUME - Okay, so when this dude came out on stage, I was like...who's this?! But when he opened his mouth, I was like.... OMG its him."
  • CrashCarBurn - They were the opening act and were pretty cool...
  • + 65pc SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Well done to the orchestra. They were absolutely amazing. I think the highlight of watching the orchestra was seeing a really old lady gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.
Overall this was an awesome performance and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I must give credit where it is deserved, South Africa has some amazing talent. A big thumbs up to 5fm and Heineken for recognising and promoting this.

What's an event without sharing it with your friends and loved ones? 


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