Thursday, October 13, 2011

Madame Zingara Makes Magic Happen

Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams, the Grande Dame of burlesque, is a unique dinner cirque spectacular which enchants, captivates and inspires all who pass through her stained glass doors and enter her magical world.
The Make Magic Happen experience dates back to 2001 when Madame Zingara was just a whimsical restaurant in the heart of the Mother City. 10 years later this globally recognised phenomena provides breathtaking entertainment all over South Africa as a travelling dinner theatre.
The stage and dining area is housed under a magical tent that is a splitting replica of a typical burlesque theatre. There are many different attractions to see such as the Motown diva's, Mongolian princesses, Roller Skate acts, a Caribbean Rapper, Ukrainian gymnasts, and tons more! Even the waiters and waitresses are all dressed up as some character.
Outside the tent has surprises for all types of visitors. There is just so much to see; an old pink car hidden behind some crates, a tarot card reader, a rustic bar, a giant florescent heart and a gorgeous piano just added the final touch to a magnificent and spectacular set up.
The food was pretty amazing too. We were spoilt with a 4 course meal.

Tomato and Carrot drinking soup, pastry topped with tomato and creme, bread sticks, pepperdew dip, marinated olives, cashew nuts and lettuce.
Mushroom Ravioli topped with rocket
(Silly me forgot to take a picture. Picture sourced here)
I had the Norwegian Salmon with a Wasabi mash and drizzled with olive oil
Jacques had the famous Beef fillet with Chili Chocolate sauce
Lime Tart, Chocolate Springrolls, Vanilla ice cream

I highly recommend visiting Madame Zingaras Theatre of Dreams. The surprises that await you are endless! Remember to dress up, take loads of pictures and have insane amounts of fun!

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