Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bitchy Bingo at Beefackes

Last night we decided to celebrate little Ellies birthday at Beefcakes...

For those who don’t know what Beefcakes is, it’s a restaurant located in the gay suburbs of Cape Town. It’s the “beefiest burger bar in town.” This wildly entertaining 50’s American style diner hosts a variety of events ranging from comedy evenings, drag shows to Bitchy Bingo evenings.

We decided to try out this fun place by booking for a Bitchy Bingo evening. The restaurant has an amazing, fun and retro ambience. It’s decorated with pink flamingo wallpaper, loads of disco balls, bling and pink feathers. The tables have some funky hats and feather scarves for the attendees to play dress up; which I thought was flipping cool. There were a majority of females with a handful of men, which I found surprising

The waiters are all hunks of note. Their perfectly chiselled jawlines, tight 6 packs and gorgeous smiles definitely lifted our spirits and made the evening more entertaining. Our waiter, Jason was extremely friendly and made all the girls blush.

The food was amazing and had some awesome names such as the Love Me Long Time Wrap and Chillie on a Willy Burger.

The Bingo was hosted by Princess Pop who is Beefcakes local drag queen. He/She was such a delight. Princess Pop made the Bingo extremely worthwhile. 

Some of the prizes up for grabs were a couples massage vouchers (which little Ellie won), wine and ummm vibrating rings for your “you know what.” Ellie was so stoked that she won the couples massage voucher. Her expression and smile oozed excitement!!

It was such an awesome experience. Loads of laughter, screams and giggles. I highly recommend Beefcakes to anyone who is looking for some clean (with a hint of naughty) fun!  Bitchy Bingo is soon to be a regular thang!!


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