Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best surprise from RSA Web

RSA Web provides a full range of hosting and connectivity services and is also one of the cheapest providers of ADSL line rentals. This geeky company recently celebrated their ten year anniversary and decided to spoil their fans with some pretty cool prizes. Some even won free ADSL and web hosting for the rest of their lives.

Surprisingly these tweets were lost somewhere in my news feed and I wasn't informed about their birthday celebrations. However much to my luck I randomly saw this tweet last week:

I decided to give it a shot and try my best to get a cool RSA Web T Shirt that everyone is always bragging about. So I replied to them saying:

And a few minutes later I received a reply from them. I was extremely excited. Not only does everyone love getting stuff delivered to them, geeky stuff for a geeky girl is even better.

This morning the office door bell rang and there stood a delivery man. We are always getting stuff delivered in this office, printer cartridges, coffee beans, stationery (you know all the boring stuff). But this morning was special. This morning I received my awesome gift from RSA Web. A cool T shirt (not those sucky promotional ones that doubles as a dress), a badge, lanyard and stationery. Everyone knows I love presents and now RSA Web knows it too.

Thanks guys for making my day.


  1. Such a great post, thanks Suhaifa. Sorry you didn't find out about our big 10th Birthday competition, but at the very least, you've got some geeky awesomeness to wear around town now.

  2. You are super welcome! I will wear my geek gear with pride!