Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steri Stumpie FTW

Steri Stumpie has become South Africa’s fun to love brand. Not only are their flavoured milks beyond amazing their entire brand presence in the local consumer market is fun, exciting and engaging. The Steri Stumpie account was won by Atmosphere, a PR Agency, who had immense success working alongside brands such as Kulula, Capitec Bank and Sanlam.


Steri Stumpie is actively engaging with their fans on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Unlike other brands however, who have failed to realise that you need to reward loyalty, Steri Stumpie regularly rewards their loyal Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers. Stump fans from all over have been receiving a 6 pack goodness treat delivered to their door for a while now.



The Stumpie box contains 6 bottles of assorted flavours, dozens of badges, fake tattoos, stickers to decorate your bottles and a passport for the Republic of Steri Stumpie. I thought this was extremely amazing and was thrilled to have received one.

So the skeptics have said that sometimes “fans” and “followers” are simply there to be rewarded and once rewarded they leave. To some extent this is true with regards to iPads off course. But if you check out the Steri Stumpie Facebook Page which has 40, 846 likes, the fan engagement is relatively high. So I am pretty sure Steri Stumpie is doing something right and has become a true South African legend.
*This is non-sponsored loving.

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