Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Indulgence via the UK Emporium

When someone like me, who loves shopping, is stuck behind a desk most of the day the only alternative is online shopping. It’s not as fun as being in crazy shopper filled malls but it still does the trick. I went through a group buying phase of buying almost every deal that came my way but alas that slowly faded. Recently however I came across a post by Robyn Hobson who had purchased some yummy goodies from the UK Emporium. The UK Emporium stocks British products that cannot be bought in South Africa. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I decided to splurge on some goodies. Although I have never indulged in those particular treats before, the idea of receiving something is always such a delight.

After three days I received my treats. The delivery guy (which had a charming British accent) was extremely friendly and he just added that personal touch to the entire experience. I indulged immediately!! The choccies were so good and I am definitely going to order more soon. Check out the UK Emporium and start indulging with me.

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