Friday, July 23, 2010

The Last Letter

If I could write a letter to Allah before my moment of death, then this is what i would say:

Ya Allah!

I am soon to face you.

I hang my head in shame for I have not lived my entire life as a practising Muslim.

There have been times when I chose to continue shopping even though I knew the call to prayer is been echoing throughout the Mosques.

Sometimes I might have bared too much skin.

There were moments when I made my mother cry.

Many times I have strayed, oh how I hate myself for those moments.

I treasure the day you called me into Islam.

Al-Khaaliq, things changed when you called me back to your path.

There have been times when I have felt your love envelope me.

Al-Khaaliq, you have guarded my faith.

I felt this when my head was on my musallah.

I felt this when the beautiful sounds of the Quran caused my tears to flow.

I felt your forgiveness when good things happened to me all the time.

Al-Ghaffaar, you are the most merciful.

Al-Baseer, verily you know your place was in my heart every moment.

Ya Allah! You have taught me how to live and now I have learnt how to die

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