Friday, March 12, 2010

I Believe

I've been listening to some discussions lately and it got me pondering over the question of faith. When i refer to faith, i do not address the Muslim audience specifically, i address everyone. Almost two-thirds of the worlds population agrees that God is a significant part in their lives, they either follow a specific religion or they practice morals and ethics and believe that a God does exist. I, myself, being a religious as well as a spiritual person know why they feel this way and why they feel the need to be part of a religion. Being part of something gives one the sense of belonging and acceptance. They form a bond with followers of the particular religion and create a larger circle of connections and family outside of their biological group. It gives people a sense of comfort to know that they are not alone and that they form part of an institution. They have faith in a higher power and believe that something divine exists. It gives people a sense of hope for their future and a sense of comfort. All religious people can perfectly justify their faith.

Then you look at the remaining portion of the world, the unbelievers, and i say this with no prejudice or hatred. Its fascinating for me to come across people who do not believe in religion or simply do not believe in God. Why don't they believe? Many have said to me," I only believe what I can see in front of me." This may seem like a logical explanation, however there are so many things they cannot see, yet they believe in them. When you park your car in your garage at night, you honestly do not know for sure that its going to be there the next morning, but you believe it will be there. You cannot see the wind, yet you feel it. Same with religious people, they do not see yet they believe. Is this the only reason non-believers do not believe or are they afraid of believing, are they afraid that maybe just maybe there could be something higher out there other than themselves.

Whatever the reason is that people do not believe it should not stop believers from openly practicing their faith around non-believers. Whether you are the only religious employee in an office of 20 non-religious people or if all of those 20 people believe in a different religion, do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Do not be afraid of the opinions of others. Practice your religion and voice your opinions without having the fear of being judged. It could just open the eyes of many non-believing people out there. It might just make them think "Hey! why do they believe so strongly in this, maybe I should see whats its all about." And even if none of them wants to believe, allow them to have their views just as they should allow you to hold true to your beliefs.

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  1. I enjoy using gravity as an example of things we cannot see. I find it works well because gravity itself is often not even understood by us. And ultimately that is how God is...we can't see him, we will never be able to fully comprehend the nature of His being, but that doesn't stop us from being subject to Him at any given moment.