Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Young Muslims and Social Networking

The world is changing, societies are shifting we are becoming technologically advanced. The internet has become a social networking tool for most people in the age brackets of 18 - 45. Younger people make use of Facebook to keep up with their friends, business people make use of twitter and linkedin to forge newer business relationships etc. Nowadays people across all ages and walks of life are making use of online dating. Even though many would not like to accept it but, young Muslims in South Africa are becoming of one the largest minorities who are making use of online dating. But why?

Majority of young Muslims (especially females) are confined to their homes and may only go out with their parents and family. They are not allowed to have male friends or be in the company of males. Majority of Muslims will agree that this is correct and girls should not be allowed to lead a social active life. However when one looks at the number of divorce rates amongst young Muslims, one may agree that maybe it is best for the youth to know their partner for a while before marrying them. Many young women are marrying men they hardly know, men they have spoken to for a few hours when he came to visit with his family for a "proposal." Although this may be deemed as the correct Islamic way, one may never know what they might be getting themselves into. In todays society people can be pretend to something that their not. I believe there is nothing wrong with spending time with your potential partner in a safe Islamic environment, have him visit you at your house with your parents there etc By this you will actually get to know him and prevent a divorce at an early age.

There have been a few websites that have been dedicated to matchmaking solely for Muslims. Is it so wrong to join to matchmaking site, connect with a person and share your likes and dislikes online. By doing this you are not meeting them personally, where the situation could lead you to commit haraam acts. You are merely chatting to them online and deciding if this person could be your suitable match. And now an Islamic Matchmaking event has arose in South Africa Nisful Imaan. Their concept is excellent, it helps people who are ready for marriage find someone suitable in a safe Islamic environment. They encourage women to attend these events with their mahrams. I hope this helps decrease the rates of young divorced Muslims and young girls falling pregnant unlawfully in South Africa


  1. Very good article

  2. Well said - so am I able to meet you at one of these meetings (Nisful Imaan)?

  3. Salaams ... I admire u.. I am sure that it was not easy.. May the Almighty accept u and make it easy for you and grant you the blessing, strenght and all the succeses u wish for your self..